About Florisoft

Florisoft is a web-based software designed for retail florists. It is a complete flower shop management system.

Its web-based application, so you can use it from any location on any device (Desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone).

Florisoft offers all basic and important features, required a Florist for manage his/her flower business. This is designed for better florists to grow Better.

Features you may Like.
  • List of orders for today.
  • List of orders for tomorrow.
  • Today's sale.
  • Sale this month.
  • Remind customers to order flowers on their upcoming events.
  • Profit generated by your business every month.
  • Inventory Management, Payroll Management.
  • Online Accounting Management.

More features are being added.

Pricing :
  • $12 every month.
  • $120 yearly (to be paid upfront)

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About Florisoft